Capitulo 6 “Cool”

On the shore of a frozen-over, Kryptonite-infested lake outside Smallville, a high school party is in full swing. Sean Kelvin, a womanizing football player, hits on Chloe and convinces her to give him his phone number. After, Clark tells Chloe to avoid Sean: “He’s a dog.” Meanwhile, Sean has ventured out onto the icy surface of the lake after an errant football. Suddenly, the ice cracks and Sean plunges into the freezing water below. He struggles, but eventually sinks into the glowing green depths. The next morning, a fist punches through the ice. Sean, skin blue with cold, stumbles through the remnants of the previous night’s party toward a weakly burning bonfire. He reaches out his shivering hand and literally sucks the heat out of the fire.

On the Kent farm, Clark demonstrates his superhuman mathematics abilities helping his parents work on the farm’s finances. Sadly, the farm is in trouble. At school, Sean visits the nurse’s office. He’s can’t get warm. As the nurse takes Sean’s temperature (it’s an inhuman 32 degrees), Sean touches her hand, absorbing some of her warmth. Sean is instantly rejuvenated. Meanwhile, Lex pays a visit to Martha and invites her and Jonathan to his home for a business discussion regarding the difficulties facing local farmers. That afternoon at the Beanery, Lex observes Whitney back out on a trip to Metropolis with Lana. Lex then offers Clark two tickets to a Radiohead concert and the use of his limo if Clark will ask Lana out. Clark gathers his courage and does so. Lana agrees, “just as friends.” Back at school, Sean, feeling cold again, approaches Chloe. When she plays hard to get, Sean instantly moves on to his ex-girlfriend Jenna and Chloe’s feelings are hurt. That night, Jenna is in the shower, waiting for Sean. Suddenly, Sean pulls aside the curtain. He is completely blue with cold. Jenna panics and tries get away, but Sean has her cornered. “I just want to get warm,” he says. Sean moves in for a kiss and sucks Jenna’s heat. As he pulls back we see that Jenna is frozen solid. Sean releases her and she crashes to the floor, shattering into a thousand pieces.

At the Kent Farm, Martha tells Jonathan about Lex’s invitation. Jonathan doesn’t want to go – he still can’t trust the Luthors – but Martha tells him she already told Lex they’d be there. Clark arrives and happily tells them about his not-a-date with Lana. Meanwhile, Sean’s heat fix has worn off. He’s calling former girlfriends, all of whom want nothing to do with him, when he notices Chloe’s phone number still written on his hand. At the same time, Chloe is helping Clark pick out an outfit for his non-date, when her cell phone rings. It’s Sean; he wants to meet her for coffee at the Torch office. Chloe agrees. Later, Clark and Lana are in the limo on their way to the concert and share a moment. Lana then turns on the TV and they see a news report about Jenna’s death. Remembering Chloe was going to meet Sean that night, Clark has the limo stop at the Beanery. He asks Lana to wait for him and then rushes off. Meanwhile, Chloe is working at the Torch when she discovers a trail of rose petals leading to the swimming pool. When she’s inside, Sean, skin icy blue again, locks the door behind her. Seeing Sean’ appearance, Chloe is terrified, but in her hurry to escape she falls into the pool. As she swims to the other side, Sean plunges his hand into the water, drawing the heat out of it and turning it into ice. The ice reaches Chloe just as she is climbing out, trapping her foot in the pool. As she struggles to break free, Clark smashes open the door, rescues Chloe, and hurls Sean to the side.

Back at the Torch, Clark and Chloe discuss what happened when Clark suddenly remembers he left Lana at the Beanery. At the Beanery, Whitney arrives, surprised to see Lana. Disappointed that Clark never came back, Lana asks Whitney to take her home. Clark arrives, just missing her. Meanwhile, Sean is at a power sub-station drawing much-needed heat from the exposed power lines. At Luthor Mansion, Lex unveils his plan to Jonathan and Martha. He offers his services as an investor as an alternative to a high-interest bank loan. Attractive as it is, Jonathan is wary of Lex’s offer. At the same time, Whitney is driving Lana home, asking her what she was doing out with Clark, when Sean suddenly appears on the road in front of them. Whitney swerves out of the way and his truck crashes into a ravine. Lana’s ankle is injured. They head toward some lights in the distance. As Lex is wrapping up his pitch at Luthor Mansion, Whitney and Lana arrive. Meanwhile, Clark arrives at the scene of the accident and is grabbed by Sean. Sean is surprised by the level of heat he draws from Clark. Fully invigorated, Sean heads toward Luthor Mansion, leaving Clark frozen on the road.

At Luthor Mansion, the power goes out when Sean sucks heat from the generator. Jonathan and Martha go out to investigate. Meanwhile, Clark wakes up and heads for the mansion. As Martha works on the generator, Sean approaches her. He’s about to grab her when Clark arrives and punches Sean, sending him flying. When Clark goes to look for him, Sean is gone. Suddenly, Sean grabs Clark from behind and begins sucking Clark’s heat. Clark grabs Sean and hurls him into a nearby pond. Sean, unable to control his power, sucks the heat from the water around him, encasing himself in ice. The next day, Lex arrives at the Kent’s barn to talk to Jonathan. It seems that Jonathan took out a bank loan. “At least with them, I know where I stand,” says Jonathan. At school, Lana and Clark talk about their failed not-a-date. Clark asks her out again, but she’s going to be out with Whitney. Clark asks her why she’s with Whitney. “Because whenever I need him, he’s there.”

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