Capitulo 5 “X-Ray”

Lex Luthor robs the Smallville Savings and Loan. Moments later, he bursts out the front door, backpack full of cash, and runs down the street, hurling Clark through a plate glass window. Clark’s vision suddenly changes allowing him to see things as if looking through an x-ray machine. As he stares at Lex he sees that Lex’s skeleton is pulsing with a green glow. Later, in the apartment above the Smallville Antiques shop, Rose Greer confronts her daughter, Tina, with the backpack full of cash that Lex was carrying. Tina rearranges her bones and muscles, slowly morphing her face into an exact copy of Lex Luthor’s. Frustrated with her ordinary life, Tina is determined to keep the stolen money. Rose and Tina struggle over the backpack. Rose loses her grip and goes tumbling down the stairs, landing dead at the bottom.

At the Kent home, Lex reassures the family that he was in Metropolis with 200 people at the time of the robbery. That day in gym class, Clark has more flashes of x-ray vision; he sees the muscles under Pete’s face and the inside of the girls’ locker room. That night, Clark tells his parents about his x-ray powers. They are surprised but feel confident that Clark can learn to control the random flashes. Meanwhile, Tina visits Lana at home. Tina idolizes Lana, believing she has the perfect life. She even suggests it would be great if Lana and she were sisters. That afternoon, while Clark and Martha are shopping in town, Clark suffers another bout of x-ray vision and sees the strange green skeleton again. When his vision returns to normal, Clark sees that the skeleton belongs to Tina, who is entering the antique shop. Clark reminds Martha that she needs to visit the antique shop, but when they get inside they find only Rose. Clark goes back outside, while Martha finds a stack of money wrapped in a Smallville Savings and Loan band. Rose makes an excuse, but Martha is suspicious. Rose steals Martha’s car keys and then Martha leaves. Out on the street, Martha looks up to see the Kents’ truck hurtling down the sidewalk toward her, with Clark at the wheel. Just in time, Martha jumps out of the way, but she grows even more confused when Clark rushes to her aid as the truck is still driving away.

In the Kents’ kitchen, Clark mentions how Tina’s skeleton looked weird, and Jonathan and Martha tell Clark about the rare soft-bone disease Tina had as a child, a disease that seemed to clear up, Clark notes, right about the time of the meteor shower. Meanwhile, Lana is cleaning up junk in her garage when she finds her mother’s teenage journal. After reading a few passages, she angrily goes to Nell. “You lied to me about my mother!” It seems Lana’s mother did not live the happy, perfect life Lana thought she did. In town, Roger Nixon is waiting for Lex by Lex’s car. Roger is a reporter for the Metropolis Inquisitor looking to blackmail Lex over his juvenile arrest record. “Does the name ‘Club Zero’ ring a bell?” $100,000 will make the arrest record disappear forever. That night, Nell tells Lana that her mother gave the graduation address in high school and Lana is intrigued. At school, Tina approaches Lana (wearing an outfit just like one of Lana’s). She tells Lana that her mother is moving to Metropolis and wants Tina to live with Lana. Lana hesitates, not sure if it’s such a good idea. Tina gets angry and threatening – “You should have said yes. It would have been perfect!” She storms off. Clark follows Tina to her locker. She sees Clark and tells him to stop following her. After she leaves, Clark concentrates on summoning his x-ray vision and sees the stolen money at the bottom of Tina’s locker. Later, at the antique shop, Tina is practicing Lana’s signature when the police pull up outside. They’re about to knock on the door when Rose steps out and tells them Tina isn’t home. That night, Lana visits Clark in his loft. She wants to thank Clark for being such a good friend, and demonstrates her gratitude by kissing Clark passionately. But as they come out of the kiss, Lana is now Tina. She tells Clark to stay out of her life and then pushes him out the window, sending Clark crashing into the hood a truck below.

At the “Torch” office, Lana asks Chloe for help in getting a copy of her mother’s graduation speech. Chloe agrees to try to track it down. Meanwhile, at Luthor Mansion, Roger Nixon arrives to collect his money. Lex has it for him, but tells Roger that if he leaves with it, Lex will, among other threats, make Roger disappear: passport, social security number, bank accounts, everything. “What do you want from me?” Roger asks. Lex explains that Roger (a reporter) is to print the stories Lex gives him and to kill any negative stories about Lex. He also shows Roger the Porsche Lex drove off the bridge (the same one Clark pulled him from). Lex wants Roger to help him figure out how he survived the crash. Later, Lana, the real Lana, stops by Clark’s house and they share a moment talking about their biological parents. The next day, Clark and Pete discover Tina’s dead mother at the antique shop. Clark finds the paper where Tina was copying Lana’s signature and realizes that Tina plans to steal Lana’s life. That night, Whitney finds Lana at the graveyard talking to her dead parents. Whitney berates Lana: “Lana, they’re dead.” He then morphs into Tina and chokes Lana into unconsciousness.

Lana wakes up in a coffin in a mausoleum. Outside, Clark arrives to find Whitney, but no Lana. Whitney has Lana’s necklace in his jacket and the green meteor pendant weakens Clark. Whitney reveals himself to be Tina and attacks Clark, but when he removes his jacket with the necklace in the pocket, Clark is re-engergized. Clark fights back, hurling Whitney/Tina into a tree, knocking her unconscious. Clark then summons his x-ray vision, scans the graveyard, and sees Lana struggling in the coffin. Clark breaks into the mausoleum and rescues her. Later, an ambulance takes Tina away for treatment, and Chloe arrives with a tape of Lana’s mother’s graduation address. Later that night, Lana listens to the tape, savoring this tenuous connection with the mother she barely knew.

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